John Dagan Memorial

This scholarship is awarded in memory of John Dagan, who served the youths of this community for so many years.  Applicants must have attained a minimum 2.8 GPA, earned a varsity letter and participated at that level for two years.  It would be helpful if applicants have done community service or have worked part-time.  Special consideration will be given to those who have participated in football at NPHS.

Past Scholarship Recipients:
2020: Soren Brown, Scott Detweiler
2019: David Webster, Chase Knapp
2018: Zoe Estoppey
2017: Nicolas Cellona, Tabitha Dyer
2016: Shane Sipes
2015: Charles (Chucky) Smith, David Foldes
2014: Drew Fabricius
2013: David Anderson
2012:Veronica LaPerche
2011: Calvin Carter