Sarah Galbawy Memorial

This scholarship is awarded in memory of Sarah Galbawy, a graduate of NPHS Class of 2010 who loved water.  She was on the swim team and water polo team for all 4 years and volunteered to help coach the 2011 freshman girls water polo team.  She was an avid surfer and skim boarder, and when she was not in the water she loved to write, be outdoors with friends and take and develop pictures.  Applicants applying for this scholarship must have a minimum 2.5 GPA, must have been on the water polo and/or swim team for at least 3 seasons, have completed 40 hours of community service, have two recommendations from NPHS Faculty and prepared to attend a Two-Year College, Four-Year University or a Trade School.  Students must include a supplemental essay (1 to 3 paragraphs) on how your educational goals will better your life and your community.

The 2012 seniors were the first to earn this Scholarship.

Past Scholarship Recipients: 
2020: Abigail Begg
2019: Kobe Burton, Cassandra Covert, Christopher Boudreau
2018: Bridget Hughes, Jason Lu, Kevin Garrett
2017: Jack Smith, Rhys Davis, Maeve Ramsey
2016: Emily Brody
2015: Suzanne Smith, Noah Hudgins
2014: McKenzie Culbertson, Helena Van Brandt, Elise Begg
2013: Phoebe Crall, Nickolas Sevier, Johnathan Chapple, Emily Miller
2012: Madeleine Reeves, Katherine Write